May 7 | Huldah Buntain

In 1954, Huldah and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Mark Buntain, were asked by the Missions Department to go to India as Evangelists for one year. That year turned into a lifetime of service to the people of Calcutta and its eleven surrounding states. Together, they established a holistic inner-city and outreach ministries consisting of more than 200 schools with 32,000 children including a blind school, 900 churches, 5 bible schools, daily street and school feeding programs for 25,000, a nursing school, teacher’s training college, vocational school, and a full general Mercy Hospital that has treated 2.2 million people and provided free care to 880,000 patients.

After her husband passed away in June 1989, Huldah became Chairman and Senior Pastor of the Calcutta Mission for a number of years. It was a fulfillment to the late Pastor Mark and Huldah’s vision in the recent selection of Calcutta’s national leadership. At that time Huldah became President of the Calcutta Mission.

Since her husband’s death, Huldah has continued to faithfully serve the people of India and travels to Calcutta two or three times a year. She also travels extensively in the United States and around the world raising funds for projects in all of the vast areas that come under the Calcutta Ministries. Huldah founded Calcutta Mercy Ministries to support the comprehensive works that she and her late husband built over the past 60 years.

Huldah will be at International Pentecostal Assembly on May 7. Hope to see you there!